1. All prospective students must apply for admission to the courses.


2. An application forms ANSBB0705, must be completed and accompanied by a testimonial that certifies the applicant’s character.


3. The application must be ratified by the Principals office.


4. No student’s application will be validated before all documentation has not been approved by the Principals office.


5. All matters regarding student as well as annual progress must be sent to the Principals office.


6. Minimum qualification for admission to Bet-el bible college.


        a. National senior certificate grade 12 or a NQF4  Level qualification.


        b. Grade 10  and already over the age of 25


        c. Computer literate – able to use MS Word and Publisher.


All documents must be certified.

Please see our fees for 2023      2023 LEARNER COST


You need to complete the form to get enrolled.

Complete form sign and return via E-Mail to office. etienne.peters@bet-elcollege.org

Or use the online Registration

Please note only after registration & Acceptance you need to complete the Application Form.

Please read the Distance learning study fees LEARNER COST