Children Ministry

If you work in “children’s ministry”, you’ve probably got a pretty good idea of what it is,

but have you noticed that those who don’t work on staff in children’s ministry have wildly different ideas of what it actually is?

Even parents and volunteers sometimes actually don’t understand exactly what we’re trying to do.

As I work with churches around the country and interact with leaders at conferences,

I find that sometimes even children’s pastors & directors have never actually stopped to define exactly what it is that they do.

So…what is “children’s ministry”?

Parents are designed to be and usually are the primary influence in a child’s spiritual formation.

Therefore…If we are not intentionally partnering with them, then most of what we do is fairly irrelevant in the spiritual life of the child.
It doesn’t matter what model you gravitate toward (traditional children’s ministry,

Orange, D6 . . . whatever) children’s ministry is family ministry; family ministry is children’s ministry.

And we can forge effective partnerships in any model.

The best model is more about the environment and leadership of your church.